Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men

Be ready for ugly Christmas sweater parties! See more fun ugly Christmas sweaters and the tackiest Christmas sweaters around.



Get Out Those Ugly Sweaters

Anne Marie Blackman of My Ugly Christmas Sweater in Vermont made up this epic ensemble for yours truly. Complementing my recent book, this ugly sweater is highlighted with working LED lights, and it even plays a little tune.

If you've got uglier, share with us!

man proudly wearing an ugly christmas sweater
Anne Marie Blackman/
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Wear It With Pride

Defining the ethos of the ugly Christmas sweater community, this man Rocks His Ugly Christmas Sweater.
men in ugly christmas sweaters in front of christmas tree, with antlers and shades
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Save the Sweaters!

By giving a second chance to your old Christmas sweaters, you'll be reusing something you already have. There's no need to buy any new fancy outfits, or drive to any stores. It's like toasting the Spirit of Christmas Recycling.

Pair your ugly sweater with a festive accessory or retro shades and you'll be cooler than a snowman.

three guys in ugly christmas sweaters with decorations, santa hats, pipe
Freedom Moreno/Flickr
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Ode to the Joyously Ugly

Ever get a bright, showy holiday sweater as a gift from your mom or great-aunt? Maybe your grandma knitted you something "festive"? Ever browse the racks in a discount store during Christmas madness?

To many, nothing says cheer like snowmen, Santas and bells in appliqué, yarn and sequins. Especially if the ensemble practically outshines the Christmas tree.

If you're like us, you probably have an old Christmas sweater or two hidden in your closet. Don't let it miss another excuse-filled holiday! Or, if you're feeling obligated to wear that sweater you got as a gift, flaunt it! So showy they're now ironic, "ugly Christmas sweaters" are sweeping the nation in the newest trend, bringing conversation and laughs to parties, bar crawls and office get-togethers. Not just for trendy guys, even young women are getting in on the fun.

Tim Wheaton/Flickr
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Dig Through Those Closets

This festive photo composite was made by Southern California-based pro photographer Tim Wheaton, who wanted to showcase his mother's impressive sweater collection. She could easily host her own ugly sweater party!

Derek Henderson Photography/Flickr
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Jump for Knitted Joy

"Ugly sweater" mania is sweeping the nation, as people dress up in festive cheer for holiday parties, bar crawls and office get-togethers. Nothing says cheer like snowmen, Santas and bells in appliqué, yarn and sequins -- or even real working lights. If your ugly sweater ensemble outshines the Christmas tree, even better.

If you're like us, you probably have an old Christmas sweater or two hidden in your closet. By giving a second chance to clothes you already have, you'll avoid shopping for new holiday outfits. It's like toasting the Spirit of Christmas Recycling!

Click through for the best ugly Christmas sweaters around, and see how you can join the fun if you haven't already.

Alex Fleisig/
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Sweater Tie and Muffs

Alex Fleisig and friends had a great time at a recent ugly Christmas sweater party, and they got the photos to prove it. We love the creative way they reused old fabric! With a little thought, it's not too difficult to "recycle" other materials and turn even the most banal garment into an ugly holiday masterpiece.

Anne Marie Blackman/
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Matching Magic

Crafter Anne Marie Blackman has made a cottage industry in Vermont refurbishing, embellishing and reselling ugly sweaters. She says all of her wares are "pre-worn, which makes them uglier." She adds, "Best are the sweaters from the '70s or '80s that have padded shoulders or bat arms or a wide waist band."

Blackman has made custom-ordered creations, as well as a range of designs from more traditional to more outlandish. Many contain lights, bells, faux antlers and various holiday knick-knacks. Blackman says those looking to suit up for an office party tend to prefer more conservative sweaters, while those who are anticipating a lively bar crawl tend to ask for the works. Some families also ask for "cuter" sweaters for holiday photos. Sweater dresses for ladies, sweater vests and dickey-style garments are all popular.

Angie Eason/Flickr
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The Sweater-Tie Combo

Shutterbug Angie Eason snapped this photo of her brother-in-law, and says this photo makes the rounds every holiday season. If you want your loved ones immortalized in a similar way, break out those festive sweaters!

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Friends Let Friends Wear Them

If you don't already have an ugly Christmas sweater handy, don't fret -- there's a good chance one of your friends or family members has one in a chest or attic somewhere. Or, get to know your local thrift store. You never know what interesting neighbors you might meet on the garage sale circuit.

If you're like this guy, you can get a nice big teddy bear hug at the end of the day.

Anne Marie Blackman/
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Presidential Sweater

Anne Marie Blackman sells a lot of Obama and celeb-themed ugly sweaters. Get creative, because when it comes to knits, there are no rules.
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The Sweater Vest

Ah yes, the sweater vest. Classic! What better time to rock it than during the happiest time of the year?

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The Ultimate Sweater Party

Miles of brightly colored yarn make for one great evening with friends.

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Abstract Christmas Tree Sweater

If appliqué Santas don't leave enough to your imagination, consider a more abstract design.

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Don't Sweat the Ugly

Think an ugly sweater will cramp your style on the dance floor? No way! Go ahead and cut the rug, you look great.

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Toast Your Own Ugly

Raise a glass to ugly ingenuity.

Mavra Chang/Flickr
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Ugly Sweater Madness

Pair your ugly Christmas sweater with some plush antlers and everyone will want to give you gifts. Classic cartoon characters don't hurt either.
Amancay Maahs/
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Make the Most of 'Surprising' Gifts

Got an ugly sweater as a gift like Amancay Maahs? Cheer up: it's ironic!

Anne Marie Blackman/
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Redefining Ugly

"I look at yard sales with a new eye," says Blackman. "I look at old holiday decorations that no one wants, and wonder how they would look as an accessory on a sweater." Now that some groups offer prizes for the "ugliest Christmas sweater," Blackman is often asked to push the limits of taste.

Blackman says she got into ugly sweaters after seeing some for sale a few years ago, and thinking she could do a better job. "I’ve always loved creating costumes for event parties," she adds.

Anne Marie Blackman/
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From Santa to Elvis

Blackman has a big hit with Elvis ugly sweaters, which add an extra dimension of whimsy and historical reference. She says they are particularly popular with men, who don't always warm up to the idea of flashing lights, jangling bells or goofy snowmen.
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THE Christmas Sweater

This one is called simply "The Christmas Sweater" by the photographer. We think we understand the source of this man's expression. It's hard to make out, but the ornament around his neck reads: "Oh Fiddlesticks!" Indeed.

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Three Sweater Amigos

There's nothing to see here... Just three friends in their finest.

Jonathan Wakuda Fischer/Flickr
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Sweater Wordplay

Jonathan Wakuda Fischer creates unique art that juxtaposes modern sensibilities with the pop expressions of 18th-century Japan. Applied to ugly sweaters, this was the result.

See what sticks to you.

Jim Darling
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Have a Happy, Dapper Holiday!

Judging by the fun photos, we're guessing "Christmas Sweater Fest 07" was a huge hit. Have a Happy Holiday this year too!

Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater (The Book!)

Now, you can own all the inspiration you'll ever need, with the book Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater, by The Daily Green alum Brian Clark Howard and Anne Marie Blackman of