The Best New 2011 Diesel Cars

New diesel cars today are fuel-efficient and clean-burning, even compared to some efficient gas-powered engines. Take a look at the best 2011 diesel cars on the road, and don't miss these 9 myths and facts about clean diesel cars.

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MSRP: $24,535
Compared to Gasoline Golf: +$4,850

Mileage: 34 mpg
Compared to Gasoline Golf: +7 mpg

Annual Fuel Cost: $1,469
Compared to Gasoline Golf: -$246

Annual CO2 Emissions: 6.2 tons
Compared to Gasoline Golf: -10%

The smallest of the clean diesel bunch, the venerable Volkswagen Golf TDI is one of VW's most popular vehicles. Throw some turbocharged direct injection (TDI) in there, mate it to a diesel engine, and voilá! — you've got yourself a winner. The prices listed are for the 4-door (the 2-door version is about $1,000 less.)

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